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ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware participated in the 23rd National Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo

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Rainy days no longer have to worry about forgetting to close the window. The external weather sensor can realize the rain detection function. When there is rain, the window will be closed automatically. In case of fire danger, the window will automatically open to emit toxic smoke and heat, inhibit the burning of building materials and ensure personal safety; children When you are alone at home, you can activate the child safety lock, and the lower hanging window can realize the hanging and locking function...

The building materials are burned to ensure personal safety; when the child is alone at home, the child safety lock can be activated, and the lower hanging window can realize the hanging and locking functions...

Such intelligent windows used to be seen in science fiction movies. However, at the 23rd National Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Products Expo held on March 11th, ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware was once again humanized and automated. The intelligent products are unveiled at the Expo, which not only brings consumers a new intelligent experience, but also leads the development of the whole industry with the trend of intelligent home.

Guoqiang Hardware is the only window hardware company in the ASSA ABLOY group, the global leader in door opening solutions. ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware has a history of more than 20 years of hardware R&D and manufacturing, and with the strong background and resource advantages of ASSA ABLOY Group, it can timely understand and master the world's cutting-edge technologies and concepts in the industry.

The new products exhibited by ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware exhibited not only outstanding performance in terms of intelligence, but also won praise and love from consumers in terms of humanization and automation. China has a vast territory, and its building energy consumption and energy-saving methods are different. Guoqiang Hardware meets different building energy-saving requirements according to different regional climatic conditions and market segments. For example, for the hot summer and cold winter and warm winter areas, ASSA Helai Guoqiang Hardware has developed an aluminum alloy window hardware system that fits the area, mainly including external open bidirectional transmission hardware system, curtain wall hanging hardware system and external flat. Open micro ventilation hardware system, etc.

In addition, ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware also showed the “lifting sliding door hardware system”. The system design lock block is embedded. The lock gear is installed in the door leaf and the lock point is hidden in the profile, which can effectively avoid the hardware. The user's scratching, the hardware is more humane, and is included in the Star Award of this Expo.

In response to the development trend of the domestic industry, ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware will create more opportunities in infrastructure projects, education, hospitals, residential and other fields, further target large customer groups, timely change service concepts, improve service quality, and provide an overall one. Stationary services and solutions. At the same time, ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware will also focus more on R&D and innovative products, continue to introduce more green energy-saving products, and more intelligent and humanized high-end products, bringing more quality experience and added value to customers.