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We have engaged in strategic cooperation with Qilu University of Technology and Shandong University of Architecture and conducted joint research to develop intelligent window hardware and to improve the performance of curtain wall hardware. we have also established a filiale in Jinan, Besides, at the end of June, changed its name to“ASSA ABLOY GUOQIANG(SHANDONG) HARDWARE TECHNOLOGYCO.,LTD.and finished the Standard unified naming of the enterprise in China which are all under ASSA ABLOY, so as to facilitate the future acquisition and development of hardware industry.


We have integrated the resources to complete the curtain wall, fireproof door, safety door, and commercial property hardware series products on the basis of professional window hardware industry relying on the group research and development resources and market demands, and then, we began to conduct automatic production and related preparations are underway.


We keep working hard and mobilized all our staff, thus we have overfulfilled the sale targets ASSA ABLOY group set for us, and in June complete the delivery of shares, thus Guoqiang grows into a exclusively foreign-owned enterprise, fully sharing the advantage of the group’s resources , and steps on the orbit of internationalization development.


SHANDONG GUOQIANG HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK CO.,LTD. has successfully introduced foreign capital to transform into the sino-foreign cooperative enterprise, completing the internationalization strategy; the company’s name is changed to SHANDONG GUOQIANG HARDWARE TECHNOLOGYCO.,LTD, with its capital and technical strength realizing further increase; Guoqiang Hardware Industrial Park, the largest hardware manufacturing base in China, is built and put into production.


Dezhou Guoqiang Hardware Products Co., LTD was restructured to a incorporated enterprise, and its name was changed to SHANDONG GUOQIANG HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK CO.,LTD, with a registered capital of 70 million yuan. We started preparation for building the domestic largest hardware manufacturing base -- Guoqiang Hardware Industrial Park.


Group industrial integration: the hardware industry was unified to Dezhou Guoqiang Hardware Products Co. LTD. After integration, the group no longer engaged in hardware business. The hardware business and related assets of former group were all carried on by Dezhou Guoqiang Hardware Products CO,. LTD.


A branch of guoqiang hardware manufacturing base "Qingdao Guoqiang Hardware CO., LTD." was established in Qingdao.


Our Group have invested in high-tech agriculture microbial fertilizer industry, and has built up high-tech agricultural industry which is mainly focusing on running tourism farms, the source of ecological food and vegetable production base, Dezhou donkey breeding base, and the US united microbial fertilizer production.


The company scope has been enlarged and its name has been changed to "Guoqiang Hardware Group CO., LTD" with the approval of the state administration of industry and commerce.


The new solar energy project of inorganic high-efficiency heat pipe was included in the "National Torch Plan" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was awarded "shandong province energy conservation prize" by shandong provincial government. Guoqiang hardware is recognized as "China famous trademark".


The business scope of the company enlarged with the industrial expansion, and the group developed in a diversified way.


The group company began to expand the investment scope, preparing for introducing the international advanced inorganic high efficiency heat pipe technology, as well as engaging in the high-tech industry development.


The name of the company was changed to “ Shandong Guoqiang Hardware Products Group CO., LTD.


The company's name was changed to Leling Guoqiang Hardware Products Group CO., LTD, with its registered capital increased from 5.8 million yuan to 82.5 million yuan. At the same time in Dezhou, we registered the establishment of "Dezhou Guoqiang Hardware Products CO., LTD." As a result, our hardware industry began to develop rapidly.


The registered capital of the company increased from 2.66 million yuan to 5.8 million yuan, and the hardware products passed ISO9001:2000 International Standard Quality Management System Certification, realizing product structure adjustment. and the company became the "first strong enterprise" of construction hardware.


Hardware products have passed ISO9001:1994 International Standard Quality Management System Certification.


The company was established in August 1998, and its name is Leling Guoqiang Hardware Products CO., LTD, With a registered capital of 2.66 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in selling various kinds of hardware products, such as box and bag hardware, building hardware and so on.